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Worlds of Work (WOW) Expo

February 25-26, 2019
Albertville High School for Greater Marshall County Schools

Worlds of Work (WOW) is the region’s premier hands-on career expo for students, featuring North Alabama business and industry’s top employers and professionals. The goal of Worlds of Work is to educate and attract youth to the high-demand, high-wage, high-skill careers available in our region. Students from across North Alabama, ranging from 8th to 12th grades depending on the preference of the school system, will be invited to attend and explore career opportunities.

“Worlds” have been identified as potential career pathways to jobs in North Alabama. Each “world” will provide hands-on demonstrations and interactive activities to create career awareness for the students.

Worlds of Work Include: Agriculture, Personal and Professional Services, Construction, Manufacturing/Automotive, Energy/Utilities, Public Service, Cyber/IT, Transportation, Healthcare