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This Resource Guide is designed to be a comprehensive list of programs that are available to employers to support workforce development.

Please let us know if you have any questions about the programs, how you can use them to support development in your company, or need any contact information. We are here to help make you and your business successful. – The North Alabama Works Team

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AIDT, an independent agency under the supervision and oversight of the Secretary of Commerce, encourages economic development through job-specific training. Training services are offered in many areas, at no cost, to new and expanding businesses throughout the State.

Alabama Technology Network

The Alabama Technology Network, part of the Alabama Community College System, has the most extensive training and service offerings for business and industry, ensuring the best possible source for your business needs. These include Lean Manufacturing, Quality Systems and Engineering, Information Technology, Human Resources and Organizational Development, Environmental Safety and Health (ES&H), Business Services/Strategic Management, Industrial Maintenance, and Engineering and Technical Services.

Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act Programs

Under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), the Workforce Development Division works with the Alabama Workforce Investment Board and Local Workforce Investment Boards to implement employment, training and career development programs.

On-The-Job Training Program

There are two On-the-Job Training Programs: New Hire and Performance-Based Training. Funded by the U.S. Department of Labor, the OJT Program gives individuals an opportunity to learn job skills and allow employers to train new employees while saving money and training costs.

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The long-range goal of the Partners Council is to create a seamless exchange of information and resources that marshals all of North Alabama’s workforce development expertise and then aligns it with relevant education and training program, buoys it with access to social service assistance and facilitates its implementation with access to appropriate funding mechanisms.

The first draft of the Partners Council Regional Strategy Map focuses specifically on building healthy communities, providing relevant education, and facilitating a robust economy – the three key tenets identified as comprising the full workforce development spectrum.

This effort incorporates and reflects the input of and anticipated roles of regional community partners, dedicated to providing not only employers with a pool of qualified candidates but residents with opportunities for development, employment and career advancement.